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Business Agility Institute Presents:

New York and Online

APRIL 26 & 27, 2023

Photo of Ahmed Sidkey and Evan Leybourn at the 2022 conference

You are invited to join us!

No matter what the future brings... Those 6 words are a promise. The promise you make to your clients, to your employees, and to your stakeholders. But do you know what it takes to deliver on that promise?

The Business Agility Conference is the original event to answer that question. In 2023, we invite you to join us in NYC and online to be a part of that answer.

To show the world that, no matter what the future brings, you are there.

Join us!

Ahmed and Evan's signatures

Ahmed Sidky & Evan Leybourn
Co-founders, Business Agility Institute

what can you expect?


Be inspired through stories, conversations, and points on view on issues that matter most.


Gather actionable next steps from others who have "been there, tried that, and learned from it."

Provoking Deep Dives

Share stories, put forward alternate points of view, and learn from your peers.

Warm, Genuine

Forge deep bonds and build community with your fellow conference attendees.


We create a safe space for folks to learn, network, and celebrate business agility. What emerges may surprise us all.

Rekindled enthusiasm

Transformation is hard work. Reconnect and re-energize for your own business agility journey.

Photo of Times Square, New York City

Destination: New York City

Venue: Convene

117 West 46th Street
New York, New York

The Business Agility Conference returns to New York City in 2023. It's two days full of stories, insights, pragmatic advice, and inspiration centered on business agility.

Destination: Online

Venue: Here, There, Anywhere!

The Business Agility Institute community spans the globe. A hybrid event offers more inclusivity, expanded options for connection and networking, greater flexibility, and honors the budgetary and environmental concerns of many people. The online attendee experience is as central to this conference as the NY experience.

Woman using a laptop to visit the Business Agility Conference website
Photo of the Muse Hotel

Hotel Accomodations:
The Kimpton: Muse Hotel

The Kimpton: Muse Hotel is a boutique hotel just steps from Times Square, right across the street from our conference venue, Convene. To book a room for a discounted price, use this booking link.

The Company You'll Keep

Previous years included attendees from

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your health and safety policy?
The safety of our attendees, employees, speakers, sponsors, and partners remains our highest priority. We are committed to following the health and safety measures in accordance with in-person event guidance provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the New York Department of Public Health, and the New York City and county governments.  We will share updates as we get closer to the event date.  Each individual attendee best knows their personal situation and should evaluate the risk of attending any public event.  Our cancellation and transfer policies are designed to accommodate changes in your plans to attend the conference, if needed.


What’s your cancellation policy? 
If you need to cancel – please contact us.  Receive a full refund up to 6 weeks before the conference (March 10, 2023); 50% refund up to 3 weeks before the conference (April 3, 2023). No refunds 3 weeks before the conference.


Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
Yes!  Contact us to transfer your conference registration to a colleague or friend anytime.


Can I change my registration from “online” to “in person?”
Yes. Please contact us if you decide you'd prefer to attend "live & in person." Simply pay the difference between the current "in person" ticket price and what you've already paid for an online ticket, and we'll make sure they keep the lights on Broadway on - just for you.


Can I change my registration from “in person” to “online?”
Yes. Contact us if something changes & you need to attend the conference online. We'll refund the difference between what you paid for your "in person" ticket and the current online ticket price.


Can I speak at the conference?
We have completed our program for the 2023 conference and are no longer seeking speaking proposals.  Many thanks! 



Email us at



Secure your space now.


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