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Can agility help us save the world?
Photo of Brent Barton with 2 young children

Brent Barton
Director Agile Delivery


Cultural agility may be our best chance for living our value of Sustainability.

Sustainability is a wicked problem. For tens of thousands of people to strive to live our newest corporate value of sustainability, along our existing ones (trust, customer success, innovation, and equality), we had to create the collaborative space with leaders. Attend this talk to see how a team from our People org and an agile coach from technology ended up collaborating with our most senior leaders to work on this the midst of war, inflation, and a budget of 300 gigatons of carbon per year. And we are over-spending that budget by producing too much carbon.


As a Salesforce employee in an Agile coaching group, we serve over 1000 teams, many product lines, and a plethora of managers and leaders. For over 15 years, our pragmatic implementation has led to a unique organization that makes us a great place to research agility. Prior to my role at Salesforce, I founded and led multiple product startups, one of which was acquired by a company that later had a successful IPO. I have held diverse roles throughout my career, from developer, product director, CTO, and now influencer without direct reports. As always, I am better when I am part of a highly collaborative team that pursues excellence in whatever we believe is the right next action, be it true north or believing tactics is our best strategy, for now.

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