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How many leaders does it take to tip a mindset
Photo of Daniel Gagnon

Daniel Gagnon
Trainer, Coach & Consultant

Agile Leader Academy
This talk will be co-presented with Andrew Terrett

Can Law Firms become Agile? Yes, and it starts with Agile Leaders!

Can law firms really become Agile? At BLG, Canada’s largest law firm, we are experimenting to find out. Having started with our digital innovation function in 2020, at the end of 2022 BLG has over 70 leaders at the Firm trained in Agile Leadership. Agile experiments are now beginning to proliferate.

Our lessons learned so far – the desire for Agility must come from within each of us. It cannot be imposed. But it takes courage on the part of leadership as well as conditions of psychological safety to give teams the autonomy to experiment to find their own Way of Working. Join us as we recount how we have dealt with both the highs and lows of our ongoing journey and hopefully take away some lessons that you can apply within your own organization.


Daniel Gagnon is an organizational agility advisor, coach, and trainer with close to three decades of diversified experience.

He is one of two PMI Disciplined Agile Fellows in the world and describes himself as a passionate servant leader and ethical disruptor. His agile coaching and training engagements over the past 12 years have been with diverse clients ranging from the financial sector to public utilities and government entities. He has coached at all levels, from executives to teams and individual contributors. For the past several years, his focus has been on helping Leaders evolve their mindsets to foster the emergence of true organizational agility. To this end, he became an Agile Leadership Journey Guide in 2019 and co-developed an ICP-LEA certifying workshop under the ICAgile banner in 2021.

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