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Can you have agility without equity?

Photo of Ilana J. Sprongl

Ilana J. Sprongl
Managing Director, Delivery

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

No equity = no agility

We are all looking for that formula that makes our organizations more successful, more resilient, more…agile. I will tell a story of discovery, where the role of equity in that formula was unmistakably enshrined, and help you understand how personal accountability for equity is what will help you find your own secret sauce.


Ilana Sprongl has been in “Delivery” for over 30 years, in both software and hardware, supporting and leading teams around the world. She has worked in the Toronto area Financial Industry for over a decade and is an active speaker and participant in the local agile and project management communities. Passionate about people, Ilana is a mentor within several organizations and strongly believes that everyone wins when we all have a voice.  She considers herself a life-long learner and is always looking for new ideas in management and delivery techniques.

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