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What does it really take to make change?
Photo of Jasmine Kernaleguen

Jasmine Kernaleguen
Performance Consultant

Performance Rebels
This talk will be co-presented with Julie Baird

Get Unstuck from the Muck: leading self, leading others

It’s easy to get stuck in the muck of transformation and change. As a leader you must get unstuck because your role is to help people see where the organization is going and enable them to bring their best - and help them get unstuck sometimes too. Our organizations are collections of human beings and in order to transform an organization we must transform ourselves by working through the journey of getting stuck/unstuck repeatedly.


This talk is an experience, a story of partnership between client and consultant where you will be able to see your own path through the eyes of another leader. With Jasmine, a performance coach, using unique techniques and experiments to take a whole human approach, Julie was able to transform herself and create tectonic shifts in her teams and organization. She learned to “see” to get unstuck, enable her own leadership performance, and shift the organization and continues the journey today.


Jasmine Kernaleguen is known as a visionary pragmatist, helping companies create performance rather than just manage it. Where there is an environment for people to bring their best, companies create exponential people performance and achieve exceptional results. They become talent magnets as she helps them redefine leadership performance and create infectious positive change.


Jasmine connects psychology, physiology, and neuroscience, helping companies innovate and iterate people performance to power success. She brings human performance to work.


Jasmine is a best-selling author, a dynamic speaker and writes and curates the blog. She is CEO of AMP Coaching and Consulting focused on building leadership agility, and Co-Founder of Vibrancy, a consultancy building vibrant human-centred workplaces that create value for all. Jasmine is a former executive leader, now a consultant, facilitator and CEO coach with a track record of success. She dares to positively disrupt at every opportunity.

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