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What is the single most powerful driver of business agility?
Photo of John Tanner

John Tanner
Founder and CEO

C4G Enterprises Inc.

One Mission, One Team: Leadership Lessons from the White House Communications Agency

What is the single most powerful driver of business agility and human innovation? In his years as a leader across industries, John has found the answer to always be an organization-wide unity of purpose. When considering the topic of 'unity', the White House may not be the first organization that comes to mind. Yet, despite the constant churn and turnover of political climates, there is undeniable unity of purpose, passion, and perseverance within those walls. In this talk, John will share lessons learned while serving as a leader at the White House Communications Agency, where the mission was clear, the unity was present, and the motto was always, “One mission, one team!”


John is the CEO and co-founder of a fast-growing Organizational Design and Business Management consultancy based in Virginia. His company, C4G Enterprises, works globally with organizations ranging from start-up to Fortune 100, coaching and training leadership on the values and practices required to grow business agility, improve product quality, and ensure sustainability of operations.

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