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Transformation. Is this how it's always been done?

Photo of Liliya Lund

Liliya Lund, Ph.D
Head of Transformational Culture and Change

VMWare, Inc.

Undercover Transformation

In a world where “Agile” and “Transformation” are becoming commoditized, I explore a different approach to cultivate an organization’s ability to work in new ways to innovate, execute, and deliver value.  Join me as I share the journey of an unlikely team to lead a behavior and mindset transformation at VMware.


Chemistry to coach - how’s that for a non-traditional career path?  Yet for those who imagine beakers, chemicals, and reactions that transform matter into magic, you’re not far off in the way Liliya approaches change within an organization.

In her life as an R&D chemist Liliya quickly realized, while mixing chemicals and accumulating patents was fun, her true passion was around the human elements of work.  As she shared her findings as a scientist with colleagues, the spark of joy was found in the learnings through experimentation and what new things could emerge as a result.


Tossing the lab coat aside in favor of face-to-face interactions with humans on the daily, Liliya stepped into the world of tech to catalyze change one team at a time.  While her environment today may look a little different, her tools are the same - experiment to learn, find data to make informed decisions, and understand interactions and connection points to deliver delightful employee and customer experiences.

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