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What do mechanics, figs, and transformation leaders have in common?

Sangeeta Sastry
VP, Digital Transformation and NA Delivery


Building the plane while flying it.

Organizations have the challenge of innovating and delivering new products/services and experiences, while continuing to invest and improve their current portfolios. Now, more than ever before, it is critical to design the organization (structural and cultural) purposefully to rise to the challenge. It feels like building a plane at 30,000 ft while flying it. How do you modernize your current organization, processes, and technologies while managing risks to its current operations?


As a Digital Transformation and Agility leader, Sangeeta brings 20+ years of experience in coaching executives on designing fit-for-purpose organizations as they shift their paradigms in the digital era. Sangeeta counsels leadership teams as they transform their organizations to improve performance, organizational health, innovation, speed, and agility. Much of Sangeeta’s work focuses on helping large distributed organizations achieve transformational change with organizational design, leadership development, culture and change adoption, team effectiveness and capability building. She serves clients across several industries, including financial services, automotive, health/life sciences, and technology, having led transformations at PayPal, eBay, Salesforce, Cisco, and many other organizations.

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