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call for speaker proposals

Interested in speaking at the 2023 Business Agility Conference in New York? Here's info about the speaker proposal process. We are excited to hear your story!

Talk Format

Just 20 short minutes. The challenge for speakers at the Business Agility Conference is to distill their story down to that critically important essence that will resonate with the hearts and minds of our attendees.

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Conference Topics

What kinds of topics get the spotlight at the conference? We are looking for proposals on topics related to "business agility." Here's our definition:

Business Agility is the set of organizational capabilities, behaviors, and ways of working that affords your business the freedom, flexibility, and resilience to achieve its purpose. No matter what the future brings.

We are looking for authentic "been there, done that" stories of business agility. To spark your imagination, here are some ideas for stories for the conference:


  • Responsive Customer-Centricity – stories about how your organization has responded to changing customer needs, integrated diverse ideas into its innovations, or has developed ways to “sense and respond” to change.

  • Engaged Culture – stories about how your organization has helped its employees feel connected and committed to your purpose, how you have developed and sustain a learning organization, or how you have strengthened psychological safety in your organization.

  • People-first Leadership – stories about how leaders in your organization have fostered authentic relationships, empowered with accountability, or worked to create environments where people can do the best work of their lives.

  • Value-based Delivery – stories about how your organization has accelerated the flow of work from great idea to satisfied customer, how you have ruthlessly prioritized “what’s important,” or how you have used your agility to seize emergent opportunities.

  • Flexible Operations – stories about how you have brought business agility into the business operations and governance of your company – from strategy to finance to organizational structures – how has business agility changed how you run the business?

  • What Else?  - got a story that doesn’t quite fit one of these boxes?  Not to worry.  We expect to be surprised!


  • Ready to submit a proposal?

    We are accepting speaker proposals through Typeform. It's a lovely application but it doesn't allow you to save your "work in progress.". Here's the information you'll want to have ready:
    • Proposed talk - title, short summary, your role in the story, impact or outcome of the story
    • About you - name, email, short bio
    • Your speaking background - a link to a snippet of a video of you speaking
    • Anything else we should know about your proposal
    • Agreement to be recorded

    What does "good" look like?

    We are looking for business agility stories that:
    • focus on a specific business agility challenge or goal (rather than a general topic area)
    • feature plenty of action, not just theory
    • are told by the person/people most involved in it
    • include enough context so that someone outside your organization can follow it
    • authentically include both the "high points" and the "low points" of the plot

      For more information, check out our "What Makes a Great Story" page.

    Speaker Perks

    As a selected speaker, you will receive a complimentary registration for the conference and 2 nights lodging at the conference hotel located in Times Square, NYC. AND you'll receive our appreciation, support, and gratitude for sharing your story with our business agility community.

    Our Timeline

    We will be reviewing and accepting speaker proposals on an ongoing basis. We are filling speaker slots now and expect to have completed the program by the end of 2022.



    Email us at



    Secure your space now.


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