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How do you connect purpose, outcomes, and behavior change?

Photo of Yehia Amer

Yehia Amer
Transformation Lead

Roche Pharma Egypt
This talk will be co-presented with Mohamed Amr

Creating Value "Beyond the Pill" - From Northstar to Pragmatic Behavioral Change at Roche

Roche is on a mission to change the world of healthcare.  Guided by their Northstar (“Doing Now What Patients Need Next”), Roche looks for every outcome to be a win for three players - the patient, society, and Roche.


To become a truly purpose-driven organization, Roche is on a transformational journey to change just about every aspect of how they conduct business.  This talk will explore the 4 pillars underlying their transformation journey.   How does this large company connect its global narrative to specific behavioral changes at the individual level? What are the key enablers helping Roche along the way?  How do you create sustainable behavioral change - in locations around the globe? 


Join us to explore how Roche is connecting the dots between purpose, outcomes, and lasting behavioral change.


A selfless leader with a huge passion towards transforming individuals and teams while acting as a change catalyst to shape mindsets, leadership and culture towards establishing purpose driven and learning organisations.

Over the past 15 years, diverse business roles and experience have enabled me to better support the change journey.

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