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Can designing for accessibility accelerate product success for all?
Photo of Dave Dame

Dave Dame
Director of Accessibility


Accessible Agility - Building for your Future Customers

Every business wants to attract as many customers as possible. We all want to expand market share, increase profitability, and grow customer satisfaction.  Amid the pursuit of these goals, there are many unpredictable things. But one thing we know for sure is that we’re all going to be disabled someday. We are all just at different points on the ability lifecycle.


We’ve all seen the benefit of what cross-functional teams can do in Agile, but what about when we include diverse team members who reflect the customers who will ultimately buy your product?  Can we use the power of agility to accelerate rapid learning to meet more of our customers’ needs?


In this talk we will explore what happens when you design for the edges. By designing for that one person, can you create more value for everyone in between?   From audiobooks to closed captioning to remote vacuums –designing for accessibility brings benefits to everyone today. And tomorrow.


In his role as Director of Accessibility at Microsoft, Dave is leading the accessibility portfolio for Surface Products aligning with Windows and product innovation roadmaps to empower users of all abilities.

Dave is a leadership coach, enterprise agile product leader and trainer with over 20 years of experience, which he leverages to drive large-scale transformation in complex organizations. Focusing on building high performing teams, he has trained over 600 professionals in product management, leadership and agile delivery practices. Dave has worked with technology companies such as OpenText, PTC, and MCAP; in many cases improving delivery times by over 150%.

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