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Here they come. Can we build it?
Photo of Jim York

Jim York
Leadership & Team Coach

FoxHedge Ltd.
This talk will be co-presented with Dr. Olga Pierrakos, Ph.D

Agile, Higher Education, and Educating the Next Generation of Engineers

In 2017, 55 students embarked on pursuing an undergraduate engineering degree just as thousands of other engineering students across the nation did that fall. The difference this cohort faced was that their engineering program did not yet exist. Whereas most new programs have two to four years of planning, this new engineering program would be created just-in-time as the students progressed through their four year journey to become engineers. The founding team arrived on site just six weeks before the students and their goal was to reimagine engineering education in a liberal arts context and ensure the program could be accredited. This is a story of agility in higher education including both its successes and its sacrifices.


Jim York is a business owner with a focus on helping teams discover how to delight their customers. He uses systems thinking, agile and lean to co-create resilient, learning teams with a focus on value. As a coach, he teaches others to grow in directions that matter to them to achieve their goals and pursue their passions. Jim is a Certified Agile Coach®, holding both the Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Team Coach credentials; Certified Scrum Trainer®; Agile Fluency® facilitator; LeSS Practitioner and co-founder of FoxHedge Ltd.

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